Our Vision


Sindhi Community is an internally displaced community. To get independence from British Empire, we had to pay a heavy price. India was partitioned on communal lines. The un-divided India was separated into three parts. In the Eastern part, East Pakistan was created & in the North, the current Pakistan was created. Due to Partition majority of Hindus residing in Both Pakistan had to migrate to various parts of India to survive. They became refugee in their own country. But out of all Hindus the people belonging to Sindh Province of undivided India had to suffer most as those who migrated from East Pakistan were mostly Bengali Speaking Hindus & they easily got settled in West Bengal & from northern side those who migrated were either Sindhis from Sindh province or Punjabi from Punjab province. The Punjabi who migrated from Pakistan easily got settled on Indian Side of Punjab. But the Sindhi’s who had to migrate couldn’t get any place to call their own & got scattered all over India. They became refugee in there own country.

Since Partition we have come a long way. Due to our inheritance & through our hard work, we have become financially strong without any support from government. We Sindhis are less than one percent of total Population but we contribute 8% to the GDP of India. We may have achieved financial strength but can we claim that we are a truly empowered community? We may have been integrated in Indian Society but we can not claim that our community has become truly empowered. Sindhi community is a very adaptable & hard working community. Business is in their genes. Gaining financial strength has only given us comforts of life but it has not given us the respect that we deserve. In salutations of distress, strife & confrontation, we Sindhis always have to compromise irrespective of our being right as well as being the sufferer. We get Justice after lot of efforts if at all one tries to get, otherwise we leave as it is because we know who(people in power) will listen us.

We have very negligible representation in all the three wings of Indian Government e.g. Legislative, Bureaucracy & Judiciary. Till we don’t gain enough representation in these three wings, we are not truly empowered. It is our vision to create a truly empowered society by ensuring the representation of Sindhis in above three wings of Government.

Our Mission

This is our mission to make Sindhi Community a truly empowered Society through ensuring its representation in these three important wings of Government. To achieve this objective, this organization was founded. This can be only achieved through creating awareness, encouraging and providing all help to those who want to enter into these organizations.

In present times, we have golden opportunity to enter Top Bureaucracy (IAS) with the help of Sindhi Language. Sindhi Language was incorporated in the Eighth scheduled of Constitution of India as one of the Indian Languages way back in year 1967. Union Public Service Commission which conducts Civil Service Examination included Sindhi as a subject as well as a medium of examination. Through this route ,Mr Raja Ram Bhagwani( DIG RPF) was the first Sindhi to join Civil Services in the year 1989. Since then some more Sindhis have got entry into IAS but their Nos are negligible & that is what we wish to change. Our children are very talented & they have proved there capabilities by getting into IIT’S, IIM’S, C. A. & into Medical field. They have got capabilities to get into Top Bureaucracy but only they have to make aware about the opportunity. We have to show them the comparative analysis of difference between Civil Services & rest of professions. Once they are convinced regarding the superiority of a Civil Servant from other professions & also that it is also achievable, then they may choose IAS as a career option.


To achieve this objective, we are conducting Workshops, Seminars & communities meeting in various cities where Sindhis are in good nos. To help our Sindhi IAS aspirants, we have established a Sindhi Coaching Center at Delhi in association with “Samkalp” a top IAS coaching institute at Delhi where our Sindhi IAS aspirants are being imparted Sindhi Language skills as well as other subject knowledge related to IAS examination by top Sindhi Academician of India. This is our endeavor to get ,at least, one aspirant from Sindhi Community to become IAS every year.

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