Beginning of a New Era in Sindhi Community

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Beginning of a New Era in Sindhi Community

List of successful candidate probably from sindhi community those who have cleared IAS Entrance Exam 2014

37.                  Seema Pujani
59 . 380140 . Priyamka Mehtani
176. 545258 .Lohit Matani
252.               Sandeep Ahuja
288. 006950 .Priyanka Ahuja
293. 423773  URVASHI MANDHAN
322. 007216 .Manish Gurwani
346. 006135 .Dev kumar Rajwani
626. 007371. Ankit Somani
1082.388216. Amit kumar Sahani
619                  Heena Kewalramani

We can proudly say that year 2015 is going to be the turning point in Mission Empowerment of Sindhi Community.

The mission started in 2013 with a objective of creating awareness in sindhi community regarding the need of TRUE EMPOWERMENT.

The sindhi community is mistakenly pursuing economic empowerment as true empowerment. The economic empowerment we have achieved is important was important for survival of our race our way of life which was threatened after our forced displacement from our motherland SINDH due to Partition. But in pursuit of economic well being we have forgotten the reasons that caused our forced displacement.

We are not demeaning our earlier generation.  We have no complains with them. What they did or couldn’t do was beyond there capabilities. Before partition also we were not in decisive positions of society in pre partition India.

For 1000 long years Sindh was ruled by Muslim rulers. After British took over Sindh in 1843 our position somewhat improved under their rule but we were still not in RULING POSITIONS. But in  post partition India our immediate requirements were economic. We were displaced from our motherland and got scattered in new territory with different culture, language and we were treated as refugees in our own country. The only saving grace was that the government was not hostile to us.

The Government may be was not hostile to us but the leaders of this country at that time didn’t do Justice with this community. We were not given a state to call our own in this independent india. It was our right that we should have been given a state so that our distinct culture, our way of life, our Language could have been protected which is on the verge of extinction. We are finding ourselves helpless as we are not able to protect our culture our language and our heritage.

Now is the ideal situation for Sindhi Community to bounce back and develop aspirations to be among the RULING CLASS. Don’t be mistaken that we are living in a  DEMOCRACY and there is no RULING CLASS. It should be a common knowledge that India may have a Democratic set up but still it is not a TRUE DEMOCRACY. There is a ruling class and there is a class that is being ruled. Only a minuscule percentage of society that has special privileges. The most exclusive privilege is POWER. The AUTHORITY which is given by the Constitution of India. This authority is Supreme and is available to only select Few. No amount of money or the Highest digree of Economic empowerment is superior to this Authority. But the good thing is that this Authority can be obtained through Merit by any Citizen of India. One of these Authority is IAS.

IAS means India Administrative Services which is a constitutionally mandated Authority. It is being mandated to implement policy and administer the nation as per policy framed by Parliament and State Assembly. It is the most prestigious service and one among the most powerful positions apart from legislative body and  Higher Judiciary

We are overjoyed with the success achieved by our Sindhi Aspirants this year. This is beginning of new ERA in Sindhi Community. Now our youth are aspiring to be among the ruling class. They have understood our message. Only being in the ruling class we can protect the interests of our community.

This is very good start. We are ready to support our talented aspirants in any way be it financial or academically to get into this prestigious service. Now the floodgates should open and the talented ones from our community should come forward and aspire to be the rulers of this nation.

We congratulate the successful candidates from our community. We wish them luck in there chosen career. They have made us proud.

Atul Rajpal
Sindh Welfare Society

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  • DK

    This is to make it clear that yes I am a Sindhi but I do not subscribe to the views of the author about the past or present leadership, about India, about power and the IAS and the view that the Sindhis in service will work for the upliftment or empowerment of any particular community. I have full faith in the Constitution of this beautiful country and all the tenets of it. I don’t see the institutional set up of this country as this author sees it.
    Lastly, yes am proud to be an Indian first and then a Sindhi.
    Thank You
    Dev Kumar Rajwani

    • Reply

      Dear Dev,
      We Thank you for your response.
      We agree to disagree.
      We would like to have interaction with you in person. These are complex matters and not everything can be discussed on social media platforms. But we would certainly like you to guide our IAS aspirants from sindhi community those who have taken “SINDHI” as an optional subject and are preparing for IAS PRE at Delhi. It would be a great motivation for them to meet someone who has acheived this feat. You can also give them insight about intricacies of this exam and about your views about this service.

      In anticipation of a favourable reply

      Atul Rajpal

    • Reply

      I congratulate you for your new endeavor in Life. We have been working for the last three years on the agenda of Empowerment of our Community through creating awareness in sindhi community about career in Civil Services.

      We would like you to share your experience with our IAS Aspirants @ New Delhi about 35+ who have opted Sindhi as an optional Subject.

  • DK

    Thanks for the invite and apologies for late reply as I have been travelling for felicitations since the result. I would love to share my experiences with the students.
    Contact me on my email address in this regard:

    But I have a training to attend from 6th Sept so kindly plan accordingly.

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